Understanding the site and identifying potential


Before developing the design of the new headquarters, it was important to understand the constraints and opportunities of the site and to define the site context in order to ensure that The Triangle is developed appropriately yet used to its full potential.

The site is surrounded by buildings ranging in height from three to seven storeys, and  the Cambridge to London main rail line to the east. It was previously occupied by a four storey office building and a large high-bay warehouse.


  • The adjacent buildings have established a general height for buildings in this area equating to approximately five storeys for an office building.
  • The existing mature trees along Shaftesbury Road provide a strong landscape connection to the countryside to the south.
  • The existing grassed square in front of the University Press buildings can become part of an attractive landscaped arrival space for the new buildings.
  • The site is very prominent for rail passengers arriving into Cambridge by train and should be celebrated in the design and arrangement of the buildings, creating a new landmark when entering the city by train.
  • The arrangement of new buildings should respect the height of neighbouring buildings and enhance their views into the site.
Access points