Triangle site shows its love for life

More than 450 staff and contractors working on the Triangle site joined 100,000 colleagues in 80 countries to take part in a World Health and Safety Day with the theme ‘We love life’.

Organised by Bouygues Construction, the main contractors on what is one of the biggest construction sites in Cambridge, the inaugural World Health & Safety day was marked by events on each of the Group’s 10,000 construction sites to reinforce a shared determination to achieve “zero accidents”. The day was launched at the site by Bouygues UK Operations Director – Major Projects – Gerald Farque and Triangle Project Director Neil Pixsley. During the day Bouygues staff ran activities for site staff, contractors and also Cambridge Assessment staff involved in the project. These included a look at the dangers of drugs & alcohol on site, traffic management, stability structures and using tools. There were also interactive activities and prizes for the best suggestions.

Said Cambridge Assessment Group Construction & Property Director Rob Smart: “Health & safety on the site is clearly as important as creating what is set to be a landmark building for Cambridge. With up to 450 workers on the site on any given day, a zero tolerance policy to health & safety issues such as drugs and alcohol, wearing the correct equipment and proper use of equipment has been paramount and this event is an excellent way of reminding everyone of this.”

The event was part of ‘We Love Life, We Protect It’, an international campaign from Bouygues Construction that reflects its commitment to a strong and shared safety culture.