Company commitment

Energy and sustainability will be key factors in the development of this site. Cambridge Assessment’s aspiration is to create high quality, comfortable, flexible and attractive working spaces; but these also need to have a low environmental impact, low running costs and meet the organisation’s needs both now and in the future. The key features of the sustainable approach include:

  • Creation of an efficient building through high insulation and sustainable heating and cooling systems
  • Building design which allows a high degree of natural light and ventilation
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Encouragement of biodiversity through creating new habitats for flora and fauna and
  • Commitment to sustainable and responsible construction methods and use of materials.



Planning commitments

At the outline planning application stage, Cambridge Assessment submitted a Renewable Energy Statement together with a Sustainable Design and Construction Statement.

Within the first ‘Reserved Matters’ planning application it was confirmed that the renewables contribution of The Triangle development was estimated at 26%; this is well above Cambridge City Council’s Local Plan* minimum target of 10%.

The key technology being used to make this building a highly sustainable development includes:

  • Extensive use of solar panels fitted beneath parapet level so these cannot be seen from the street or from long views
  • A ground source heat pump to deliver winter heating and summer cooling
  • Intelligent appliances and internal fit-out to reduce energy and water consumption

*The Local Plan is the planning policy document which guides all development within a local authority area; in this case, Cambridge City Council’s area of governance

Sustainable transport

To ensure the delivery of sustainable travel targets for staff journeys into work and home, a Travel Plan was submitted and approved with the outline planning application. This Plan, the targets within which will be assessed and monitored annually by Cambridge City Council, seeks to promote and incentivise walking, cycling and the use of public transport as the key forms of access for staff. (See Transport & Access page for more information.)