Public Art


Cambridge Assessment’s public art strategy for Triangle has been developed to ensure that it will make an important contribution to both the vicinity of the development and to the City as a whole.

The programme has three core areas of activity – a main public art commission, a Public Engagement Programme, which aims to involve local residents and visitors, and an International Programme.

public art close upThe main public art commission will feature at the entrance and at the top of the building’s 39.1 m tower. The work, by artists Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, is called ‘In Other Words’ and will feature layer upon layer of script in different languages that will be printed onto glass. The tower art will be a parchment colour and 33m long entrance artwork will be in an indigo/inky shade (both colours chosen for their link to academic practice). Close up the script will be readable but from a distance the words will merge together to form an attractive piece of art. The work will feature dense layers of text and colour on the far sides, which will gradually fade as it comes to the middle creating a vacuum or void where there will be no words. The artists have done this to create a visual metaphor, possibly suggesting that there is a lot we don’t know or asking whether we should aspire to know everything. The words form the work came from both the Cambridge Assessment Group Archive and also from Cambridge Assessment staff and the wider public, all giving their answer to the question
‘What is knowledge?’ Contributions were received in 34 languages, all of which are being incorporated in the work.

You can find out more about Vong & Claire, their work, their vision for ‘In Other Words’ and how they are working towards creating it by watching this video interview with them at their studio.


Through the Public Art Engagement Programme, Cambridge Assessment’s art facilitator has gone out to all parts of the community, working with primary school children, young people, early stage artists and the University of the Third Age. Cambridge Assessment has also sponsored local art festival Art Language Location and e-Luminate.