Overview of proposals



A new headquarters for Cambridge Assessment

Over the past few years Cambridge Assessment has witnessed significant growth, and it is expected to continue to grow over the coming years. The proposed new headquarters therefore has been designed to bring all its Cambridge employees under one roof and provide enough space for the planned future growth. The Triangle project has been designed to be self-contained, providing for staff needs on-site. The proposed purpose-built modern headquarters will include:

  • Enough space to accommodate up to 3,000 employees
  • Numerous meeting rooms
  • Catering facilities for staff
  • An archive facility
  • Space for other possible uses, such as a crèche, and
  • A variety of outdoor spaces, including courtyard gardens.


How the building will look when completed


The proposed design for the headquarters consists of a group of buildings ranging in height from two to five or six storeys. The buildings are linked together to allow people to move easily between different parts. They are arranged around a central arrival courtyard and garden. Smaller raised landscaped courtyards separate the buildings, providing an attractive prospect for the occupants of the buildings and neighbouring sites alike. Car parking is generally concealed beneath the raised courtyards.

Ground floor plan


Roof plan

roof-plan-1000 Please click here to view the first floor plan. Please click here to view the fourth floor plan.